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Adrinette- Scarf by thecrazydragonlady15 Adrinette- Scarf :iconthecrazydragonlady15:thecrazydragonlady15 1 0 I caught you a mouse by thecrazydragonlady15 I caught you a mouse :iconthecrazydragonlady15:thecrazydragonlady15 2 0 Paris First Look at the happy couple! by thecrazydragonlady15 Paris First Look at the happy couple! :iconthecrazydragonlady15:thecrazydragonlady15 0 0 Nightmare- Akuma from Shall We Dance? by thecrazydragonlady15 Nightmare- Akuma from Shall We Dance? :iconthecrazydragonlady15:thecrazydragonlady15 0 0 Shall We Dance? Chapter 22 Scene by thecrazydragonlady15 Shall We Dance? Chapter 22 Scene :iconthecrazydragonlady15:thecrazydragonlady15 0 0 Shall We Dance? Cover by thecrazydragonlady15 Shall We Dance? Cover :iconthecrazydragonlady15:thecrazydragonlady15 3 0
Shall We Dance? Chapter 7
Chapter 7
“I don’t know Tikki. Chat was acting strange after we started dancing.” Marinette pulled a pin from the pin cushion strapped to her wrist and she used it to place the skirt of Alya’s dress in place. She’d managed to make a couple of hours of free time over the last couple of days to work on it and after measuring, cutting, and now pinning, she was getting ready to sew which she estimated would take her two, maybe three days, at most to finish on this dress. Then, she would have nearly a month to get her own dress which was certainly going to take that much time to get done. Alya’s was a well-fitting, halter top piece, with rhinestones embroidering the neck and waistlines before flaring out a bit near the bottom. Mari was just glad they weren’t required to all wear princess-style dresses or more historically accurate based dresses. Tikki, who sat on her desk watching, munched on another cookie.
“Maybe he figured out who you are.&
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Shall We Dance? Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Chat Noir balanced precariously on the edge of the Eiffel Tower, mocking himself as a tight-rope walker, both arms extended out to help keep him balanced. Ladybug sat some distance away, a furrow on her brow, and a frown on her lips. The evening was cool and pleasant for Paris in the fall. The amber glow of the lights below made the city sparkle like a sea of stars in reverse; she breathed in and brushed a stray bunch of hair out of her face as she looked out over the landscape. Normally, it made her feel better, but not tonight. Honestly, Ladybug was letting Marinette’s problems invade her time. Two days ago, she’d promised herself and Alya that she was giving up on the model. She’d cleaned out her room of everything that was related to him: pictures, schedule, and computer background included. Then just yesterday, he’d wormed his way back into her affections, kindly noting that she was hurting more than she should have been and even offering to clear
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Shall We Dance? Chapter 5 Special
Chapter 5 Special: Kwami Cuddles
Plagg snored from inside Adrien’s gym bag. He gasped as the bag hit the ground and he was roughly jostled inside the container. Mumbling angrily, he flew up and unzipped the top a bit to eye his chosen and get an explanation for the rough treatment only to see him helping the blue-haired girl up from the floor. He recognized her instantly. After all, one kwami could sense another and he always knew that Tikki was close. Imagine his great surprise when she finally called out to him during a particularly noisy science class when no one, even their chosen, could hear them. Plagg’s little heart started beating rapidly. If she was here then….
He quickly moved from side to side in the bag, looking for where Tikki could be hiding. He spotted it in the way of a pink, white-polka dotted gym bag on the other side of the room. Both of the humans were too busy gazing rather lovingly at each other (ugh) that he simply flew from the bag over to hers
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Shall We Dance? Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Marinette took a steadying breath and straightened her back. She waited for the music to start before she positioned her arms in the proper waltz position, rocked a bit in her high heels, and with the first note, began the box step. Everything that had transpired in the last twenty-four hours knocked around her head like a bouncy ball. It was dizzying. She stepped left.
“What do you mean you’re giving up on Adrien? Girl, you’ve had it bad for him for the last year!”
She flinched at Alya’s voice but continued to pull down the pictures she’d clipped of him from various magazine articles. “I mean just what I said. Adrien kind of admitted he liked another girl to me today.” Alya’s face dropped. She came over and stopped Marinette’s hasty removal, hugging the girl tightly to her.
“Oh Mari. I’m so sorry.”
She sniffled. “Hey, that’s life right?”
“Yeah but that doesn’t mean it
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Shall We Dance? Chapter 3
Adrien was out for revenge.
Marinette had left him on the sidewalk with his jaw hanging open horribly wide, earning him some stares from the other people out that day. It also earned him some soft teasing from Plagg who could no longer resist it. She’d walked off pretty fast too after that little number. It hadn’t been part of his imagination; Marinette Dupain-Cheng had flirted, that’s right flirted, with him and he had reacted as if he had no idea how to handle it.
He didn’t but that was beside the point.
Now he was driven by revenge. He wanted to make sure her face flared red just as badly as his did and he eyed her very carefully as they sat at their dining table and the waitress took their order. He noticed a couple of things he’d never seen before.
For example, the freckles that dusted her nose. The way her bangs bounced when she started talking excitedly. How bright her eyes were when she was passionate.
He was so focused that he nearly missed giving
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Shall We Dance? Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The following afternoon, Marinette ran across the street, breathing hard. An akuma attack during the earlier part of the day resulted in the later classes being cancelled which was fantastic because it was a rather stubborn creature who called himself Sewer Rat and it had taken her and Chat Noir nearly three hours to catch him. She was exhausted and used the free time to nap. Of course, this was a double edged sword as she basically pulled a her and was thus late to meeting up with her friends. All three were waiting for her at the front of the stairs of the school as she came running up, panting.
“S-sorry,” she gasped.
“Don’t worry about it. We weren’t waiting too long,” Alya teased, “I think that’s the shortest wait time we’ve ever had with you.”
“Ha-ha. You’re hilarious.”
“Don’t you know it? Anyway, shall we get going? Lead the way Mari.” Alya stood up from her seat on the stair
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Shall We Dance? Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Marinette Dupain-Cheng was screwed and she knew it. Her face grew pale as she continued to listen to Mr. Damocles his speech about the upcoming Winter Masquerade Ball the school was hosting. Apparently, it was meant to be a chance at a historical research project or something outlandish like that; really though, anyone who had eyes merely had to look over at Chloé to put two and two together to get four. The list of reasons for why she would “insist” on having a Winter Masquerade are numerous but Marinette didn’t have time to think about all that. She had a laundry list of new things to worry about.
Like dancing for example.
Oh she was fine design wise. She already had a beautiful pink princess style dress patterned and ready to make for herself (she was planning to enter it into a dress design competition, sue her) and it wouldn’t take her long to design something for Alya but heels, dress, and mask aside, she had two very dangerous left feet to
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He Loves Me
Alya was furious.
She was never furious.
Passionate, yes.
Furious, no.
Yet here she was, sitting in a tank top and panties on her bed, her laptop opened and her pride and joy the Ladyblog up to accept the newest theory as to Paris’ superheroes’ identities. She could barely think straight. She’d pulled the site up in hopes that it would distract her. It didn’t. Closing the screen, she sat it on her desk out of the way. Standing, she paced her room which only led to an increase in her frustration. She felt like a caged animal. Her skin crawled and she wanted to lash out at something, tearing it to bits the longer she paced and thought. An idea came to mind. Alya reached down to grab a pair of jeans and a sweater, threw them both on, and left her apartment after grabbing a jacket, scarf, hat (all made by Marinette of course), and her keys. Outside was freezing which was appropriate for December right before Christmas. Her breath sneaked out over the top of her scar
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New OC- No name by thecrazydragonlady15 New OC- No name :iconthecrazydragonlady15:thecrazydragonlady15 0 0
Building Snowmen
The air was freezing and crisp as winter had finally set over the city of Paris, turning the world a metallic grey and white as soft, unblemished snow floated to the earth. It covered almost of the ground having fallen during the evening when few humans were about to tarnish it. Marinette breathed in deeply. Her breath came out in soft clouds that warmed the tip of her nose before vanishing. Her eyes were half dropped mostly from her weariness than anything else. She wasn't cold. Tikki had made sure of that before they'd snuck out the skylight to wander out into the evening.
Said kawami was curled up in the folds of her scarf between the fabric and her skin. She was sleeping. The cold always made her sleepier than normal so, she slept to save her energy. That and she knew Mari needed time to destress.
But where to start? Did she start by screaming out her rage at Chloé for dumping hot chocolate on her favorite shirt today? Or how about at Kim, Sabrina, and a few others for laughin
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Veronica-MA by cynosurre Veronica-MA :iconcynosurre:cynosurre 3 2 For my Lady. by LifeJoyArt For my Lady. :iconlifejoyart:LifeJoyArt 35 2 Together we are more. by LifeJoyArt Together we are more. :iconlifejoyart:LifeJoyArt 43 3 Adult Lady. by LifeJoyArt Adult Lady. :iconlifejoyart:LifeJoyArt 64 7 My Poppy academia by zachgolden1999 My Poppy academia :iconzachgolden1999:zachgolden1999 7 2 Rita IN COLOR! by zachgolden1999 Rita IN COLOR! :iconzachgolden1999:zachgolden1999 3 6 Pairs Perspective Pack - Free Preview! by SenshiStock Pairs Perspective Pack - Free Preview! :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 530 36 Chibi succubus by zachgolden1999 Chibi succubus :iconzachgolden1999:zachgolden1999 2 0 COMM: Melody's Wedding Dress by chelleface90 COMM: Melody's Wedding Dress :iconchelleface90:chelleface90 78 42 Under the Boardwalk by AeroChance Under the Boardwalk :iconaerochance:AeroChance 15 8 Crazy dragon lady knife dragon by zachgolden1999 Crazy dragon lady knife dragon :iconzachgolden1999:zachgolden1999 4 8 Kwami base by asoukathewolf Kwami base :iconasoukathewolf:asoukathewolf 254 62 Crazy dragon Lady dragon by zachgolden1999 Crazy dragon Lady dragon :iconzachgolden1999:zachgolden1999 1 8 It tries so hard to be a badass by zachgolden1999 It tries so hard to be a badass :iconzachgolden1999:zachgolden1999 1 2 FITE ME! by zachgolden1999 FITE ME! :iconzachgolden1999:zachgolden1999 3 4 Quick sketchs of the dragon by zachgolden1999 Quick sketchs of the dragon :iconzachgolden1999:zachgolden1999 1 0



I'm sorry I've been dead. Work has been miserable. I miss you all but I have two months and then I'm on summer break so I'll be back again! #thecountdownison
Stream off. For good. *sigh* I'll never be on a time that's good for anyone so I'm just not going to bother with it again.
Hi all! Sorry I've been MIA. Work has me stressed out. Anyway, Miraculous Ladybug is still dominating my life so I'm streaming Miraculous crafts all day. You can watch at . I'll also take request for anything you'd like to see me work on. I hope to see some of you there!
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10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.


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